Canoe Club

From 2015 a local group of paddlers have been getting together to canoe. We have since started a Canoe Club in 2021 and from 2023 we are able to operate more as a Canoe Club with Canoe Wales able to assist us with a grant application for equipment.

We are fortunate to be supported by Green Ideas and our members have access to various HSE courses at a discounted rate. Green Ideas assists the Canoe Club with sponsorship and working with coaches on a voluntary basis.

Through 2023 we are developing and growing, we have canoes and equipment for volunteer groups to make use of in the local area, please contact us to find out more

During 2023 the Club will have, weekend trips, day paddles, wellbeing days. We will also have longer experiences with a focus including, our Canoe Week October 16-20; Leading Canoes; 7-9; Coaching Canoes; 14-16; Canoe Safety 22-24. These longer experiences are not formal courses but aimed at increasing knowledge and experiences that canoeists desire. Opportunities are open to club members, please ask about becoming a club member.

For 2024 onward we want to increase what we are able to do and where we paddle. We welcome all paddlers to take part, we have something for everyone from more experienced expeditions to taster sessions.

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